A Call to Action – Report Bugs

A call to action for the Xcode, iOS and OS X developers out there, do the responsible thing when you find a bug, check in with the developer forums and then report it. It is never to late to contribute to the tools and platforms that you use or develop for, not only do you benefit from it but the entire community does. So give back to the community and Apple developers that help you make the next great thing.

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Fever Pitch as 9th Approaches.

It is that time of year again when the Apple World goes crazy. Tuesday 9th September is rapidly approaching and even Apple has a Countdown clock running for the event. The good news is that the event is going to be streamed live, something we have seen Apple do more and more of, it’s all good PR after all right?

The Internet is full of people claiming to know what will and won’t be announced, what is locked in and what is a maybe. I say, just wait and see and ignore most of the click bait out there.

I hope we will will the new iPhones, iPads, maybe finally the watch and if we are lucky maybe a final of iOS 8 and Yosemite? But I suspect those are still a little ways from being finished yet. Personally I’m thinking we will see some things announced that won’t be available right away, this has become a trend which seems inevitable in a time when things have to be announced early to try and stop people from buying other vendors products that have also recently been announced / released.

Until Tuesday, Stay Calm and Keep Coding!

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