Latest Apple Developer Releases

To make life easier for me and everyone else I have a constantly updated list of the latest Apple developer releases right here! No more searching the developer portal every Monday to check. Note that recently Apple changed from separate release download pages to one single one with the exception of Swift downloads. Since I do not know if this change is permanent, I went ahead and added a link for each.

Release Versions

NameDateDownload from Apple
Xcode 8.3.3Jun. 5th, 2017Download
Swift 3.1Apr. 18th, 2017Download
tvOS 10.2.2Jul. 19th, 2017Download
watchOS 3.2.3Jul. 19th, 2017Download
iOS 10.3.3Jul. 19th, 2017Download
macOS 10.12.6Jul. 19th, 2017Download
macOS Server 5.3.1May. 15th, 2017Download

Pre-Release Versions

NameDateDownload from Apple
Xcode 9 Beta 5Aug. 7th, 2017Download
macOS 10.13 Beta 6Aug. 14th, 2017Download
iOS 11 Beta 6Aug. 14th, 2017Download
tvOS 11 Beta 6Aug. 14th, 2017Download
watchOS 4 Beta 6Aug. 14th, 2017Download
Swift Playgrounds 2 Beta 3Aug. 14th, 2017Download
macOS Server 5.4 Beta 5Aug. 7th, 2017Download
Classroom 2.1 Beta 4Jul. 24th, 2017Download