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Apple Announces iOS 11

Announced at WWDC17, iOS 11 is more than expected. Especially if you are an iPad and in particular iPad Pro user. Here are just some of the highlights of the Fall 17 release.

  • Redesigned messages app drawer making it easier to get to those GIF’s.
  • iCloud sync for messages across devices and platforms.
  • ApplePay person to person payments, Apple is finally taking on PayPal. You can now send directly in messages money to friends and family. Time to split those lunch receipts.
  • New male and female Siri voices, sounding more natural.
  • Use Siri to translate between languages.
  • HEVC video compression on the latest devices providing smaller files and better quality.
  • HEIF image capture format that offers better compression without quality lose.
  • Depth API giving 3rd party developers access to the portrait mode depth data.
  • A new control center design putting all the controls on one screen.
  • New live photo effects.
  • AppStore redesign from the ground up with tabs for today’s releases, games, and apps.
  • CoreML, a new machine learning to give you better data at the time you need it.
  • Augmented reality via ARKit, expect a flood of games come the fall.
  • The ‘Notes’ app now supports document scanning.

Especially for iPad users who also get

  • A new dock allowing for a ton of apps and a recently used section.
  • You now swipe up to see the dock from anywhere including within apps.
  • Drap and drop support between applications.
  • Flick on keys using the new QuickKeys keyboard to access punctuation.
  • A new app called ‘Files’ that essentially replaces the iCloud Drive app. Also has support for 3rd party cloud storage like DropBox. This app will also function as the new file opener.
  • You can use Apple Pencil to mark up PDF files in apps that support printing to PDF.
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