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Apple Reinvented The AppStore

A major goal of the new AppStore redesign is to over come the apparent limitations of the current design. It is clear that finding newly added apps was never as easy as it should be, the new Today tab along with separating Apps from Games goes a long way to achieving that I feel.

The new look is clearer and feels greatly simplified, something so badly needed in this content heavy application.

The today tab will be the new focus for users when they open the app. It now has a card motif to present apps that Apple wants to highlight, including preview videos. Apple has created twelve different card styles for the initial launch (presumably the Fall of 2017). One thing that is important to point out, during one of the WWDC17 sessions it stated that the today tab will not have advertising.

These new cards give app makers a way to ‘tell a story’ according to Apple, a possible following of the crowd for the new story trend appearing on many social networks. I do like that app makers now have a way to go beyond the traditional feature list and marketing text. Often users can be swayed in the decision to purchase if they find a way to feel empathy with the developers. Well done Apple on this.

I am glad that we are getting a separation of games from other apps, I just wish there was a way that we could customize the AppStore to show only categories of our choosing, for example, be able to turn off showing me games all together.

In app purchases are now much clearer and easier to find, this is long overdue. There is even a card dedicated to this, making purchasing a lot easier. Developers will have to submit images for the new in app purchase options, this will give developers a chance to highlight and make clear what the purchase is for. A good example is a crystal to purchase crystals, much better than a line of text, I think you will agree.

Ratings and Reviews are clearer to read and navigate. Perhaps the most important part is that they are now easier for developers to manage.

Overall this new rewrite is long overdue and much welcomed by both developers and hopefully users.

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