ToothFairy – macOS BlueTooth Heaven

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BlueTooth is a great way to connect all our devices, but when it comes to switching connections, that’s when the pain begins. ToothFairy solves that for us on macOS.

Here is a perfect example of the problem, I use Apple’s AirPods and a pair of Bose Headphones. Normally, my AirPods are used with my iPhone XS, but there are times that I like to use them with my MacBook Pro.

It always seems like a hit or miss affair when I try to connect my AirPods to macOS by using the settings on macOS or via the volume icon on the system bar. But with ToothFairy, I can create an icon for them and with a simple click either connect or disconnect right from the system tray.

You can also assign keyboard shortcuts rather than clicking to perform the action, and as a bonus, you can even have scripts execute, this allows for some very advanced controls over BlueTooth operations.

As a nice touch, you can configure each icon independently for any of the BlueTooth devices paired with your system and also set whether you want to see the remaining battery percentage.

ToothFairy is available as part of the Setapp subscription service, something that I recommend to every macOS user, as one of the over a hundred applications available for $10 a month.

You can learn more about ToothFairy and all the other applications on SetApp using my affiliate link here.