Apple GM Seeds for 2017 Releases

Gold Master Releases for 2017 Updates

Today, along with new iPhones, Apple Watches, and AppleTV 4K, Apple released the potential GM’s of all the new OS’ and Xcode 9. I say potential as there are times when a new GM is released if a serious problem is found.

You can download them from the Developer Portal, with the final release versions dropping on September 19th along with the new hardware.

User Data Collection and Selling, The Wrong Way

AccuWeather is under fire for their data collection and selling of that data even when users opt out. They have issued a response statement here.

As developers we owe it to our users to be open and honest, and also do the right thing. If we give them the ability to opt out of something then we better respect it. Earning the trust and loyalty of users is extremely hard to earn and stupidly easy to loose.