WWDC18 So Many Things

There was so much from WWDC18 this year that I am still writing up notes let alone full articles. Rest assured they will start appearing this week, I decided to take my time rather than rush them out and be part of the crowd 🙂

Here’s a hint though, I’m writing this on a very dark macOS 10.14 Beta 🙂

Flawless App Tutorial and Review

Has this ever happened to you? A designer gives you a great looking series of images that you need to convert to a working application, you then spend days tweaking the code or storyboard to get the layout just right. Constantly switching between images and apps.

This is where Flawless App comes in, using just the iOS simulator you can view both your working app and the images from the designer at the same time. Overlaying both to check for pixel perfect layouts.

Let’s take an in-depth look at both the app and the workflows.

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