Thoughts on Focusing and Reducing

I do not always think about direct development i.e. code and design when it comes to my posts. There are times that we need to talk about other areas that are important, this is one of those.

Something that I have found myself thinking about the past month is the journey we all take in our work, play, creative output and process. Not a small topic for sure, but I realized something it was all trying to teach me to do so I can improve everything I do and how I do it. Two simple words came from thinking about this.

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SublimeText 3 Theme and Color Settings

My current favorite SublimeText 3 theme and color setup. SublimeText is a program I used to use all the time and stopped for a while due to lack of development progress (not uncommon on this app). But it appears to of started up again so I thought I’d dust it off and use it for coding again for a while.

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Swift Access Control – Private, Public and Internal

Access Control in swift, sounds like a 90’s hacker movie term right! Well in reality it is simply the idea of saying what can and cannot be accessed in a swift classes A simple example would be that you create a class for someone else to use and you have methods that you use internally and do not want to expose for use. Let’s take a look at these ideas.

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