Basic File Reading and Writing Using Swift in iOS 8

At some point every application developer has to start dealing with writing and reading to and from the file system, which is actually pretty straight forward with iOS 8. Here is a super simple example using a basic string. We will get more complex in the future!

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Swift Playground Tip – Using External Code Files

One of the nice additions to the XCode 6.3 release was the introduction of a feature in Swift Playgrounds that might not be immediately obvious to you but is immensely useful. You can now easily include code in separate files. This means you can test small snippets or entire custom classes and then use that code file directly in your projects, very cool for testing and development without the need to create an entire application project.

Let’s give it a go with a quick demo!

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Apple Watch Review

Like many people I received my Apple Watch on April 24th, which for me was great since it was not supposed to arrive until at least May 17th. So thank you Apple for getting that sorted out quickly. It became apparent within a couple of hours that this little device was going to change the way I do lots of things, something I did not expect.

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