A Call to Action – Report Bugs

A call to action for the Xcode, iOS and OS X developers out there, do the responsible thing when you find a bug, check in with the developer forums and then report it. It is never to late to contribute to the tools and platforms that you use or develop for, not only do you benefit from it but the entire community does. So give back to the community and Apple developers that help you make the next great thing.

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Application Prototyping Tips

Here are some tips that I feel apply in general to any application development regardless of language. When it comes to making your apps the more information you have upfront and throughout the process the better, and that means prototyping.

Here are my suggestions for making better prototypes.

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Classes – Intermediate

A few concepts for taking your understanding of Classes to the next level in Swift. I am certain many if not all of these are techniques you will use over and over. This post continues on where Swift Classes – The Basics left off, so if you are not familiar with classes you will want to check out that post as well.

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