How to Import Images into Lightroom CC Classic

Adobe Lightroom has been my goto photo management since version one. The only other app I use for managing images is Apple Photos. Nothing comes close to Lightrooms ability to edit and manage photos in my opinion.

This video was recorded just a couple of days before the newly announced version, so there could be differences between the very latest version and this video.

How to Create iOS Screens in Sketch

Sketch on the Mac is a hugely popular design tool for all mediums. One very popular use is for designing iOS views and layouts, the reason for this is simple, you can design and export them very fast indeed.

Often people think they have to make the screens in Xcode to demonstrate them, this is simply not the case. There are many prototyping and design tools than can save you a lot of time and still represent the actual application as it would appear on a device.

In this first video, I will show you the basics of starting a design in Sketch and exporting the design so that it can be shared with anyone.

Because the sooner you get those designs to the marketing and sales department, the sooner they can request 100’s of changes right?