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Easy Xcode Plugin Install Using Alcatraz Package Manager

Alcatraz (http://alcatraz.io) is an open-source package manager for Xcode. Using the plugin (inside Xcode) you can find plugins, templates and color schemes. It is as simple as finding what you want and clicking the install button, no cloning, no command line and no hassles.

Here is how you go about installing it in Xcode

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Checking API availability with Swift 2 #available

In Swift 2 we have a new feature that lets us easily check if a feature is available on the current device and platform version running our app. So we can now essentially say ‘if this feature is available then we want to perform this code, otherwise do this’, the syntax is very straight forward.

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What’s new in Xcode 7

There are so many new things to talk about in Xcode 7, I have chosen a few that I feel are notable to every day usage by iOS and OS X developers.

New Developer Program

First the big thing to mention, everybody can now test on their devices not just people on the Apple Developer Program. All you need is an Apple ID to download Xcode, plugin your device and deploy to any platform.

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Apple WWDC 2015 Keynote Highlights

Here is the outline of the important things from the WWDC 2015 keynote, there will be other posts with all the details assuming no NDA prevents them. But let’s get to it!

“You have changed so many parts of all of our lives and transformed the World in the process” – Tim Cook, WWDC15 Keynote to developers.

The major discussions are of no surprise, the next version of OS X, iOS and watchOS. Interesting to note there was a dedicated section to talk about ApplePay and the ‘one last thing…’ was perhaps no surprise to many in the form of the new Apple music service. Although based on the stream I see on Twitter (follow me @CompileSwift) Eddy Cue seemed more like that crazy guy no one wants to pay attention to at parties and you wish would just stop.

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