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Getting Started Designing iOS Screens with Sketch 3

There is a lot more to Sketch 3 than first meets the eye but you really only need to know a few things to get started designing views for iOS, Android and the Web, that is what I am going to teach in this article.

Bohemiam Coding, creators of Sketch 3 did a fantastic job making a tool for prototyping layouts be it web pages or in our case iPhone and iPad views. Using the tool you can easily play with laying out views and creating usable exported assets for your development tool of choice (Xcode for most of us when it comes to the iOS platform).

In this quick tutorial we will start with a new Sketch 3 artboard using the built in iOS template. We will then add some controls, simulate a popup scenario and finally export the image as if we needed to share it with someone.

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Swift Nil Coalescing – Intermediate

How many times have you done some simple logic along these lines?

Well why not keep the code simple and stop your developer friends from teasing you by making these more efficient and impressive looking by using the Nil Coalescing Operator. You can represent the above with the simpler code below

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