WWDC18 So Many Things

There was so much from WWDC18 this year that I am still writing up notes let alone full articles. Rest assured they will start appearing this week, I decided to take my time rather than rush them out and be part of the crowd 🙂

Here’s a hint though, I’m writing this on a very dark macOS 10.14 Beta 🙂

Apple GM Seeds for 2017 Releases

Gold Master Releases for 2017 Updates

Today, along with new iPhones, Apple Watches, and AppleTV 4K, Apple released the potential GM’s of all the new OS’ and Xcode 9. I say potential as there are times when a new GM is released if a serious problem is found.

You can download them from the Developer Portal, with the final release versions dropping on September 19th along with the new hardware.