Ruin Your Day and Improve Your Code with SwiftLint

Get Better With SwiftLint

Everything was going just fine, it compiles and runs with issue. Then you run SwiftLint on the code and suddenly feel very sad. But in the long run, you know it will make you stronger….right?

If you want to feel the pain of being judged, install SwiftLint and see how well you. If you are using Brew, simply


Or using CocoaPods


Then add a run script phase to your project in Xcode, and it will run the analysis every time you build.

Apple Buys Workflow App

Workflow for iOS continues to be a great automation tool for power users. I am not surprised that it attracted the attention of Apple, hopefully we can see it grow even stronger and maybe a macOS version.

It would be great to see workflow get even deeper integration into the platform(s) and open up rich possibilities to overcome the current limitations of access on iOS.