WWDC Swift Style Sale by Erica

As WWDC starts next week, I have come across the first sale for iOS developers. Erica Sadun has a sale on her Swift Style book, 25% off. Visit her post here to get all the details.

This eBook covers the style of Swift code, it may not sound important but it really is, having a consistent and agreed upon style by developers is an aid in both debugging and understanding code in the future.

CompileSwift Newsletter Issue 55 Released

CompileSwift Newsletter Issue 55

The new issue has been published,

In this edition: Watch Crown Programming, Escaping Closures, TDD in Playgrounds, Primitive Obsession, Easy Sound Usage, Top Server-Side Frameworks, 10 Programmer Friendly Things, On-Boarding, TextField Counting, plus all the latest releases.

Read it here, although I strongly recommend you sign-up and receive new issues automatically to save you the trouble.