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DISCLAIMER: This post is older than one year and maybe out of date.

100 Days of Code – Week 12

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If you were to look on GitHub it would appear that I have note been working on my project, however, that is not at all true. I have noticed they only report master branch activity. I have been working many many hours on a separate branch totally reworking the CoreData code.

I watched a superb CoreData course by Andrew Bancroft on Pluralsight. The course inspired me to rework my code into a more modular and slightly more future proof version, however, this is taking some time as I am working through a learning process as I rework the code.

If you are looking for the best way to learn CoreData fundamentals then I strongly recommend his course which you can find here.

Tools I used

  • Xcode IDE and compiler.
  • Tower Git client.
  • iPad Pro For testing

Follow My Progress

You can follow my progress via the following

The Wrap

If you are working on the #100DaysOfCode, I’d love to hear your thoughts and reports.

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