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DISCLAIMER: This post is older than one year and maybe out of date.

100 Days of Code – Week 11

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It was a UI tweaking week. As always seems to be the way, anytime I touch the UI I end up having to fix the constraints for auto-layout. Xcode tries to help but sometimes makes things a lot worse.

There was a few user flow issues that I fixed including,

  • Disabling the language list when the list is empty.
  • Converted buttons for copy, paste, edit, delete, list management to toolbars. I think this will help for future features.

I also had a very interesting time after I added SwiftLint to my workspace. SwiftLint is a tool that analyses Swift code, from that analysis it generates an error and warning list that you can use to conform your code to the standard.

The tool is very configurable, however I found that out of the box was fine for me with just one exception. I tell it to ignore the Pods/ folder. It works with Xcode and AppCode. I run it in Xcode and found the installation very straight forward.

Tools I used

  • Xcode IDE and compiler.
  • Tower Git client.
  • iPad Pro For testing

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If you are working on the #100DaysOfCode, I’d love to hear your thoughts and reports.

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