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DISCLAIMER: This post is older than one year and maybe out of date.

100 Days of Code – Week 2

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The second week was more about solving problems and finding better ways to do things. It also became very apparent that not practicing some techniques like UISplitViewController navigation coding often enough was hurting me. It had been a while since I used one, consequently I had to go back to basics a little and remind myself how to work with them.

I will offer this advice, if you are using segues, always make sure you hook them up to the right viewController on the storyboard. Part of my problem was that I did not notice I had set the end points as the actual views rather than the navigation controllers they are contained in. Once I realized my problem everything started to work just as expected, including the correct appearance of a navigation bar on the detail views.

While dealing with navigation issues, I also started to look at the possible data storage and handling options. I will say this much for the online communities out there, most of them will help resolve basic issues but it is hard to find those that solve the real World problems like data between multiple views. Something I plan to address in my own tutorials on peterwitham.com

Tools I used

  • Xcode 8
    IDE and compiler.
  • Tower
    Git client.
  • Ulysses
    Text editor
  • iPad Pro
    For testing

Lessons Learned

Always pay attention to you’re segue links! Sometimes it can be hard to tell on a storyboard exactly what is going on. You can waste valuable time chasing down problems that are in fact not code related.

Last Weeks Checklist

Let’s see how much of what I planned actually got done.

  • Get note editing working.
  • Replace the test data with actual notes (no permanent storage just yet).

Yup, not as great as I would of liked. I did get some refactoring in that will help me going forward, but that was not an actual task on the list. For me, that’s just part of development and optimization. So let’s see what comes next.

Next Steps

In the coming week, here is my planned progression.

  • Get note deletion working.
  • Replace the test data with actual notes (no permanent storage just yet).
  • Display new notes in the note list view when saving.
  • Continue exploration of persistent storage.

Follow My Progress

You can follow my progress via the following

The Wrap

This week was a disappointment in some regards, however on the positive side, I had a couple of fundamental problems that caused me lots of issues over several days and I hung in there and worked through them. Those lessons will prove invaluable in the sense that how ever hard a problem is, I can get through it.

If you are working on the #100DaysOfCode, I’d love to hear your thoughts and reports.