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Markdown Support Added to CodeNotes For iOS

Markdown Supported. My CodeNotes For iOS now supports markdown in notes, I found the right library.

I have been working for a while on trying out different ways to incorporate Markdown and/or Syntax Highlighting support in my open source code notes application built for iOS.

I am happy to say that I have solved at least half of that puzzle, I have finally settled on a really nice CocoaPods Pod called MarkdownKit by Ivan Bruel.

This Pod takes a string and parses it into Markdown attributed text that you can then assign as just that to a text field. The end result handles enough tags that I’m happy with it, I do feel I need to play with code markup some more as I don’t care for the background, but I’m still planning to have code handled by a syntax highlighter at some point.


You can find Ivan’s MarkdownKit here.

You can find the source code for my CodeNotes For iOS application on my GitHub here.