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DISCLAIMER: This post is older than one year and maybe out of date.

What Happened to 100 Days of Code?

Verdict on 100 Days of Code

You are probably curious about what happened to my 100 Days of Code posts? Or the project?

I decided to stop making reports because I learned what I needed to learn from taking part in the project. I learned that writing code every day of the week for a living means I satisfy the need to expand my experience and understanding of the process. I believe I can make a good argument that being a career programmer and designer means I have more than reached 100 days in one capacity or another.

I consider the project a success despite not reporting the full 100 days on a daily basis.

My X Days of Code project will continue every day for the rest of my career and personal growth/learning. I hope that others reap the same rewards from their initial undertaking of the project.

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