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iPad Pro Workflow – Blogging and Writing

If there is one thing I have come to really appreciate, it is creating on the move. The iPad Pro gives me that freedom.

After an email conversation with Tim Chaten from the IPad Pro Podcast (you should most certainly listen to this podcast!) I decided to write up my workflows. This one covers my writing of blog posts for PeterWitham.com.


  • Capture Idea in Todoist / Noteability
  • Write in Ulysses
  • Capture content like screen shots and add to Photos for inclusion in post
  • Upload to Web site
  • Edit post in Safari
    • Add Featured image
    • Change post settings
    • Publish
  • Add to Buffer for social posting schedule

The Details

Capture the Idea

First comes the ideas that always come to me at the wrong time of day, I know from experience that if I do not write them down there and then, they will be lost in time.

So I use anything I have to capture the idea, mostly it is Todoist that at any time has a list of about 30 ideas for future posts. If I have more time to flesh out details then I will use Noteability and the Apple Pencil. If none of these are to hand then I always carry a Field Notes notebook with me and put it in there.

Start Writing

When it comes time to write a post, I pull up my list of ideas and pick one that feels right for the time.

Ulysses is my go to writing tool on iOS, I have tried many others and still have them installed. One big reason for me to use Ulysses over the others is the easy integration with my self hosted WordPress site, plus the easy to use interface. I also use the desktop Mac version, this enables me to move seamlessly between platforms working on documents.

Other contenders that I move between are Editorial, Drafts and DropBox Paper.

All of these applications allow me to write in MarkDown. The beauty of this format is plain text, you can write documents in any application and use the special syntax to format certain parts of the document. I strongly recommend you give it a try if you have never used it.

Capture Media

If I need to capture media from the desktop or screen shots from a device then I’ll go ahead and do that pulling them into Photos or DropBox where I can easily access them on the iPad and prepare them for uploading.

Upload to the Web

Once writing is complete (usually several passes). I will upload it to my Web site using Ulysses and edit things like tags, categories and any other metadata when pushing it.

At this point I switch to Safari to review the post, something that Ulysses makes easy yet again at the end of the publish process. I edit any remaining settings including the metadata for social sites and the featured image.

Finally I will preview and if everything looks good, I hit publish.

Tell the World

The social aspect of spreading the word is easy, I use Buffer. This enables me to setup not only specific details for each of the social networks I use, but also schedule them over the next week or longer if I want.

The Wrap

That my dear reader, is how I use my iPad Pro to write Web and book content. I have been using this workflow for quite a while now and am always looking for ways to improve it.

What workflows do you use? Share them in the comments for the benefit of us all, or maybe you want to try my suggestions and share feedback.

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