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WWDC18 Is Upon Us

So it’s Sunday, Monday is the keynote for Apple’s WWDC18 developer conference. I am not going to play the wishing or rumor game like all the other sites. I am simply going to enjoy it like every year.

We know we will see the next major revision for all the platforms, and most likely a new Xcode. I always look forward to the videos of the sessions, I learn a lot from those and watch them numerous times, they are a great learning resource that you should not ignore.

This is also a great time to snap up books (if you have a deal going on tweet me and I’ll tell everyone else) and other learning material as many publishers put sales on during the conference week.

As developers we Google a lot of things regularly, but never under estimate the value of a collection of knowledge in one location. Not to mention that supporting those in the Swift community helps all of us.

You can expect plenty of posts from me covering all the new changes, resources and tools. I also plan to tweet many of the important things as they happen so be sure to follow me on Twitter @CompileSwift.

WWDC is a great way to think of our recommitment to Swift and the community on a yearly basis, so let’s make it another great one. Feel free to contact me if you think there is something I should share with everyone else, I love doing that by the way!

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