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You Are Not Other People’s Reminder List

Increasingly as I focus on observing my own habits and cutting out the slack, I’m noticing the bad habits of other people.

You know them, the ones that ask you to keep emailing, reminding or texting until they finally get around to dealing with the conversation you wanted to have.

You should not have to be responsible for other people’s lack of ability to self-manage or capture tasks, so stop doing it for them. As long as you keep doing it, they will, like any dependent, keep asking you to do it.

Practice tough love and take back your time by making them deal with their own lack of ability to manage themselves or find a system that works for them.

It has been documented that developers once distracted, take 30 minutes to get back their focus from where they left off. This alone should be a good reason for a company to realize the importance of letting the brain trust do what they do best.

Unless you are a personal assistant, then that’s your job and you are stuck with it 🙂

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