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How I Learned to Love and Use the MacBook Pro TouchBar

More than a few people have the MacBookPro with the TouchBar. But like many, at first, I failed to really see the point. Until I discovered BetterTouchTool and AppleScript! BetterTouchTool has landed on SetApp, a service I have been using for a long time to get great Mac Apps for a subscription fee.

I had used BTT before to configure my Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad. I eagerly installed it again on my MacBook Pro and noticed it now has a section for the TouchBar.

Screenshot of ScreenFloat 4 21 18 11 46 26 PM squashed

I dived right in, after altering a few settings and searching for a couple of Apple Scripts to control and display iTunes and Spotify, I now have my perfect touch bar setup. It is also slowly replacing permanent spots on my Dock, once you start thinking about it as a working dock it suddenly seems very useful doesn’t it! Here is my current setup.

Touch Bar Shot 2018 04 21 at 11 39 46 PM squashed

I have shortcuts to run Finder, iTerm, Xcode and Ulysses (Ulysses is also on the SetApp service). I also have it display running songs from iTunes and Spotify along with a volume control and a play/pause button. If you are curious how the setup looks in Better Touch Tool here is that as well.

Screenshot of BetterTouchTool Setapp 4 21 18 11 51 22 PM

I know what you are thinking

“What if I want the bar tools from a specific app like Xcode still?”

Yep, BetterTouchTool has you covered. You can specify global and application/system specific toolbars. You can even have a button that will toggle with the macOS default touch bar.

So give the tool a try, but personally, I recommend just signing up with SetApp and getting that plus many more top Mac Apps. This post has affiliate links that help me keep this blog running and gives you a great set of tools to improve everything from system to productivity and development.

Or get BetterTouchTool direct from the application developers site here.