I’m a convert, this matte screen on my iPad is heaven.

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This week I decided I really needed to solve a couple of problems I have with my iPad and tablets in general. Namely,

  1. Reflections from all that glass.
  2. Never feels natural when using a pen.
  3. Constant fear of damaging it.

So I decided it was time to do something about it, after much research I decided to try what they call a ‘paper like’ screen protector.

The answer for me is…

This screen protector on Amazon, well actually it’s a pack of two for $19.99.

A paper what now?

They call them paper like because they have a textured feel to them. Please note there is a brand of these screens actually called paper like as well.

What I love about it

  • It protects the screen.
  • It feels great when using either a finger or stylus/pencil
  • Easy to apply to a clean screen
  • Reflections are mostly gone without loosing view quality

Tell me the details

OK, since you asked I will.

I think the screen protection speaks for its self, I’m not about to hit my iPad Pro with a hammer just to prove it to you.

I have never felt totally comfortable drawing on the iPad, it has never been a software problem, it was the super smooth silky way my finger and stylus glide across it, it just does not feel natural. With the addition of a textured surface it now feels ‘normal’, every surface you work with when writing and drawing has resistance, that is what makes it feel natural to your brain. So when I’m writing with a tool that looks like a pencil or an ink pen on the screen, it also feels how it should.

Lastly, let’s talk about those reflections.

Yes those glass screens look amazing, and the blacks are fantastic, but oh those refections. Unless you are working in Apple’s test lab that I have to believe is a spherical surface with zero light projection, glass will reflect something.

What I like about this screen protector is that there is no loss of image quality, it does not make the surface so dull that blacks become a murky ‘kind of black’, and things like text are still crisp sharp without the textured surface making them look weird.

When watching video it still feels great, it does not feel like watching a video on a laptop from the early 90’s.

The Wrap

So for $20 this screen protector is doing exactly what I needed.

Now to get back to Procreate and Apple Notes to carry that digital creative pad around.