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An iPad Pro with a Mac Chip, but what about the OS?

It feels like the day has finally arrived when an iPad has the same chip as a desktop Mac. Yes, I’m talking about the new iPad Pro with the M1 chip.

My MacMini performs exceptionally well for me, and that’s what matters at the end of the day. Not the specs, the stats, or charts, but does it run as you want.

So with that, I’m very excited to see how the iPad Pro grows up with this chip for things like video and audio editing. But there is a problem.

iPadOS is not macOS. To me, it still feels wrong. Now that they have the same chip, plus the iPad has cursor support, why is Apple resisting the obvious and making the iPad the computer we want it to be?

Probably because it would hurt low-end Mac sales, I get that. But what happened to Apple and the ‘takes courage’ attitude? Have the bean counters finally taken over the henhouse, and everything is just about the money?

I, for one, hope not. Let’s see iPadOS 15 bring this thing home and take on Microsoft’s Surface line, which is also very impressive and has a desktop OS.