Getting Started With Gatsby - Part 1

I recently started looking into Gatsby. Gatsby is a static site generator that builds amazingly fast Web sites due to the content being mostly HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Now, do not make the mistake of thinking that this in any way limits you, it is actually the opposite. Because the content is generated and then put on the server users visiting your site get a very fast page load time and you get the benefit of not having to worry about any backend services or site exploits.

This first video will walk you through what Gatsby is, how to install it locally and then generate your first Web site. Once you have finished this part, move on to Part 2 here where we start looking at files, pages and components.

Tools used in this video

Other Videos in this series

Part 2: Site Structure and Page Overview

Part 3: Site Layout and Basic Component Creation

Part 4: Basic Site Styling and Navigation Setup