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NotePlan 2 for Mac, iPhone and iPad

NotePlan 2 on Mac

NotePlan 2 on iPad

This weekend I started playing with NotePlan 2 on the Mac and on iOS/iPadOS. You can visit the application Web site here.

So What is it?

Well, think of a note taking, planning, calendar and todo app and you mostly have it right there.

What Do I think of it?

There are a few reasons that it caught my attention.

  1. I can take notes using markdown, nothing unique there but it does also have a clean interface that lets me throw in text, checkbox lists, reminders and anything else I need in one window. So no clicking around to find it all.
  2. It syncs over iCloud and has early support for Dropbox. Everything is stored in markdown plain text files, so if the application disappears or I move to something else, I can still access everything I need without exporting or some proprietary format.
  3. I love the way I can move tasks that I never completed from the day it should have been completed to a new date by dragging and dropping on the calendar.
  4. It works with native reminders and calendar applications built into the Apple OS'. That again is a big deal should I move on to something else later. Plus it means I can use other tools to add items and they will appear in NotePlan 2.
  5. Anytime I can combine multiple tools I use into one then it is a win, I have/do use a whole bunch of note, task and planning applications. Often they are way over complicated for what I need. The simple approach in NotePlan 2 appeals to my need for something I can reach for quickly and use.

Not everything is great.

I found the sync to be a little slow sometimes as the multitude of text/markdown files are re-parsed into the application. I hope some optimization will take place there in the future. The developer could improve the speed by using other data store methods but that would take us into formats that are not easily usable outside the application.

I have seen a sneak peek of version 3 and I feel some of the downsides will be addressed in the next version. The UI could use some clean up and I think we will see that as well.

So what about cost? Well the good news is no subscription model, they are one-time purchases available in the Apple app stores.

Mac: $29.99

iPhone and iPad: $14.99

There is a 14 day trial version for both platforms that I recommend taking advantage of if you are interested. I am currently using the trial period.

I plan to spend the next week using NotePlan 2 as my goto app and see how well it works out for me.

Right now I can tell you that I’m impressed.