The Life Creative - MVP – Minimal Viable Purchase as a way to stop procrastinating

There is a term you often see in an entrepreneurial context called the ‘MVP’ Minimal Viable Product. Well I want to turn that on its head a little and call it a Minimal Viable Purchase as a way to get started creating.

Too often we think we need the biggest, fastest, best, and normally the most expensive thing to get us started on a creative journey, that simply is not true. What we need is the thing that’s just good enough for right now to get us started.

You see if we can use something like not having a tool that we need to get started it affords us the perfect opportunity to procrastinate and not start at all. That is where it all starts to go wrong.

Sure, it might not be the best of what we need, but it will be just enough to start the journey and replace it later. As always, we find ways to block ourselves and we need to stop those excuses.

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