TLC Podcast - Suggestions for creative projects whilst stuck at home

You are probably stuck in a building like me and so many others. Well, that does not mean we have to give up on projects.

Here are 5 suggestions you can try whilst at home.

  1. Invent a project that you can do at home, for example document what it is like to be at home. Maybe set up a mini studio for photography or painting.
  2. Practice using your equipment, whatever it maybe. Learn settings or maybe play round with tools you normally avoid.
  3. Revisit old projects, I bet if you look hard enough there is something you can work on.
  4. Play around with old equipment you never use anymore, I have a few old cameras around the house that I can power up, maybe you have some old brushes or pens you no longer use and could start working with again.
  5. Just go with the flow, pick something you would normally avoid and try it. Maybe try a new skill like drawing or painting, who knows what could come from just throwing out the rule book and doing something different.

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