Are You Making The Right Thing?

There is no doubt in my mind that as we all create and share things, we have an idea in our head of what we think we are sharing. But have you stopped to consider if that really is the case? Perhaps, more importantly, do you know how to answer that question?

Here is and example of both parts of that question.

I create videos that show how to perform tasks on programming. One might be how to solve a particular problem, another might be how to use a feature in a new application.

Each is usually around 10-15 minutes because it requires some explanation, you cannot just show a screen for a minute and say one plus one equals two and that is how addition works, thanks for watching.

Yet, one of those videos might show only 2-5 minutes average watch time based on analytic data. So that leaves me asking this question.

How is the viewer understanding the video and learning from it without watching at least most of it?

Well, maybe they skip ahead for the part they need. I have certainly done that many times. This indicates that my pace is two slow or the set up is too long.

Maybe it took them a few minutes to realize it is not what they needed. In which case they clearly did not bother to read the description before or during watching the video.

Or lastly, maybe the video is covering the topic badly and I failed in the delivery.

The problem is, statistics alone do not provide the answer to the question with enough detail for me to learn the answer. Combine that with a lack of a good viewer to comment ratio in general on sites like YouTube and you start to see the problem. I’m left to guess.

For now, I will continue to try and learn a little more each time I make something and send it out into the World.

So I turn the question to you, are you making what you intended and is it being received that way by others?

Something to consider.

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