The Life Creative - Tips for people new to working remotely

Working remotely can be a blessing and a curse, here are a few tips to make things better for you and you're team members.

The shortlist

  • Be sure to reach out and connect with team members, there is nothing wrong with a little digital water cooler conversation now and again for everyone to feel connected.
  • Keep distractions to a minimum, don't be afraid to isolate yourself from everything around you even when you are home alone. It is too easy to see the mailman and run to the box, it can wait.
  • Pomodoro is indeed a wonderful thing for training the brain to stay focused regularly without burning out.
  • If you are at home, designate a place to be the office and don't let work stray out of it for too long, for example, leave the laptop there and don't take it with you at the end of the day to the couch.
  • If you manage people, schedule a recurring meeting once a week to just tag up with them in person as a one on one. That's what I do, that gives everyone a chance to discuss anything they want in a private conversation whilst at the same time keeping a scheduled discipline in place.

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