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Editorial: SetApp is my favorite software service

Recommended Developer Resources


Generate starting .gitinore files easily for many tools and languages. Perfect for keeping those repositories clean.

GitHub Gist

A great way to store code snippets online privately, or share with others. Personally, I think you should share with the World in the spirit of learning and helping the community.

Swift Package Manager

The Swift Package Manager is a tool to aid in the distribution of dependencies and integrates into the build system.


The home of the Swift open-source project. Here you can keep up with the mailing lists, download the latest SDK's, and access the documentation.

Social Communities

I joined the community at the beginning of 2019 and I have to say it is one of my favorites. The big plus is that being positive is a requirement. You will not find people attacking or putting others down, the idea is to help people of all experience levels and walks of life. It is refreshing to find somewhere that promotes positivity over conflict.