Setapp Mac and iOS Software Subscription

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What Is It?

Setapp is a software subscription service by those wonderful people at MacPaw. It started as a service providing Mac software, since then it has expanded to include iOS applications as well.

Currently there are over 200 applications available on the service. Believe it or not, it only costs $9.99 a month ($8.99 if you pay for a year), no catch and comes with a family and teams option if you need extra licenses.

How and What I Use It For

There is a wonderfully diverse collection of applications, from productivity to system and creativity tools.

This screen capture shows the tools I currently have installed and use regularly.

Wondering what some of them are?


Ulysses is a wonderful writing experience on both Mac and iOS. I use it to write both short and long documents. Everything from blog posts using markdown to full books.

It comes with the ability to upload straight to a Wordpress site and export to many different formats with many different styles. You can even make your own.

Clean My Mac

Even a Mac needs a regular checkup. That is where Clean My Mac comes in handy. It can scan your system and make suggestions on how to recover drive space and improve performance. I run it once a week to clean out gb's of system trash and keep things lean and mean.

There are also tools to look for malware and clean up that database.


This is one of those tools you will wonder how you ever lived without. Take your Mac touchpad and touchbar to the next level. You can create gestures and toolbars to suit what you need, not what macOS thinks you should have.

Right now I have my music controls, clock, volume, some app launchers and window controls on my touchbar. Plus, if I hold down the Fn key I now have complete window management options including positioning and sizing.

If you really want to be like that guy in Minority Report and use gestures to throw files and folders around on the touchpad you can do that to :)


We all have busy system bars taking up more than just the right hand corner of the menu bar these days. Bartender enables you to move some of them to another bar. The way it works is you select which icons appear on either the normal bar for constant visibility or move them to a secondary bar that appears at the click of the mouse.

This helped me tame my system icons down to just the ones I need to see, like battery, network and Dropzone (another Setapp by the way).


Ever wish you had easy access to your clipboard history? Maybe you want to group some of them as well, then with just a keyboard shortcut access them at anytime? Paste does just that, it even syncs with iOS.

I have a group on my paste board with regular code snippets I use and it saves me a bunch of time. I also have a board with text snippets like Web site addresses and parts of emails that I use on a regular basis.

Don't Take My Word For It

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