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My Thoughts on Apple Swift in 2015

This year has been a busy one both for the Swift language, and the communities. From WWDC 15 with the announcements of open-source to the many new features added to the language we have seen a lot of progress in a relatively short period. When Apple released the open-source project late in the year, it is fair to say we got way more than we expected which to me shows the significant commitment from the company to the language going forward along with hopefully their willingness to embrace the communities responses and requests to make improvements. It is worth noting that Objective-C was to a lesser extent but still none the less open-source as well. My hope is that we see some good cross platform tools start to appear for those running on Linux, or perhaps we should consider if there are plans by Apple to release a cross-platform Xcode, now wouldn’t that be something! WWDC 16 is going to fascinating. How will Apple incorporate the open-source side of Swift into the developer conference, I hope we see some sessions on getting started on alternative platforms and getting those applications onto devices for testing. Since we will be seeing releases over time via the repositories it will give developers time to dive into new functionality and changes rather than waiting for a yearly conference, this is a big change for Apple and only works to help us the developers. To those celebrating, I wish you all a happy, safe and fun new year into 2016 and will be waiting for you on the other side.