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CompileSwift Newsletter for 07/24/2016

Fun with UISplitView and Passing Data Around

This week I have been playing with UISplitView, I admit it has been great to get my head back in some Swift personal projects. After a few sad attempts at working with data across the master and multiple detail views, I finally understand how it works. I might write about it in a tutorial for those interested?


The new Releases from Apple feel Mostly Good

I am now running iOS 10 Beta 3 on my iPad Pro (12’), and it feels pretty good to me. I still do not like the design of the control panels when you swipe up from the bottom of the screen; they still feel like a bad afterthought of layout.

I still would like to see a search box when using the multitasking view app selector instead of endless scrolling up and down to find the app I want to open. Seriously Apple is pull down to search that hard to implement?…

Swift 3 Endgame and Swift 4 Kickoff

Erica Sadun writes about closing of Swift 3 features ready for release and that means time to talk about Swift 4 believe it or not.

New Posts on Site

iOS 10 – What to Expect

watchOS 3 – What to Expect

WWDC16 – What’s New in Swift 3

Code, Tips, and Tutorials

LNSideMenu for iOS

An interesting way to display a menu system in a Swift application.

IOS-Signature-Capture for iOS

This control lets you capture a touch written signature, perfect for contracts, receipts or anything else you need a user to sign for.

Using a Core Data Model in Swift Playgrounds

Andrew Bancroft has a great write up on the subject of Core Data Models in Playgrounds; I admit this is something I had not considered until now. He will walk you through getting up and running in no time.


Celluloid is a Photo extension app running on iOS. Perfect for those considering writing photo manipulation tools for the platform, learn from the code!


Nuclide-Swift IDE

Born from a hackathon, this Swift IDE is starting to look promising. For those that sometimes want to venture outside of Xcode.

UI Stencils Starter Pack

For those designers that like to sketch out on paper their UI ideas, this pack is perfect. Not only do you get sheets with hardware templates but a cool metal stencil with all the common iOS controls at scale ready to work with. You even get a pencil 🙂

I for sure wish I had one of these kits!

Podcasts I Found Interesting


This podcast is new to me, but I am enjoying catching up on the backlogs of interviews with Swift developers. The most recent episode as of this newsletter is Radek Pietruszewski talking about WWDC16 experiences.

Current Apple Releases and Previews

Release Versions

Xcode 7.3.1 (May 3rd 2016)

tvOS 9.2.2 (July 18th 2016)

watchOS 2.2.1 (May 16th 2016)

OS X 10.11.6 (July 18th 2016)

iOS 9.3.3 (July 18th 2016)

OS X Server 5.1.7 (July 18th 2016)

Pre-Release Versions

Swift 3.0 Preview 1 for Xcode 8 (June 13th 2016)

Swift 3.0 Preview 1 for Ubuntu 15.10 (June 13th 2016)

Safari 10 Beta 3 (July 19th 2016)

iOS 10 Beta 3 (July 18th 2016)

iOS 9.3.3 Beta 5 (July 6th 2016)

tvOS 10 Beta 3 (July 18th 2016)

tvOS 9.2.2. Beta 5 (July 5th 2016)

watchOS 3 Beta 3 (July 18th 2016)

macOS 10.12 Beta 3 (July 18th 2016)

Xcode 8 Beta 3 (July 18th 2016)

Server 5.2 Beta 2 (July 6th 2016)

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