iOS View Editing with Sherlock by Inspired Code

Working with layouts in Xcode and the simulator has greatly improved over the years, but it is still far less than great. The cycle of edit, run, go back and edit again, run again, get’s old fast.

Sherlock by Inspired Code helps solve some of these annoying problems. This new tool essentially adds new features to the simulator that ships with Xcode. With it, you can edit views in real-time right in the simulator, this short video will show you a few of the ways it can help figure out layout problems in no time at all.

How To Use Sketch Prototyping Plugin

Prototyping in Sketch

The plugin for sketch enables you to design and test in real-time using the Sketch app. This can be a huge time saver for designers and developers. I am going to show you how it works. comes in two parts. First, there is a plugin for Sketch and secondly, there is a simulator much like the iOS and Android simulators. You can also access the prototype across a network on a device.

This video will walk you through a very simple design that I turn into a working prototype, all in under fifteen minutes.

Application Prototyping Tips

Here are some tips that I feel apply in general to any application development regardless of language. When it comes to making your apps the more information you have upfront and throughout the process the better, and that means prototyping.

Here are my suggestions for making better prototypes.

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