GatsbyJS Part 2: Site and File Structure Overview

In part 2, we take a look at the site/folder structure of a GatsbyJS site. I’ll explain what the folders are for along with an overview of the files in a starting Gatsby site. By the end of this video you will have an understanding of how a site is created and how components play a part in generating pages.

If you missed part 1 you can find it here.

Tools used

GatsbyJS Part 1: Overview and Install

I recently started looking into Gatsby. Gatsby is a static site generator that builds amazingly fast Web sites due to the content being mostly HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Now, do not make the mistake of thinking that this in any way limits you, it is actually the opposite. Because the content is generated and then put on the server users visiting your site get a very fast page load time and you get the benefit of not having to worry about any backend services or site exploits.

This first video will walk you through what Gatsby is, how to install it locally and then generate your first Web site.

Finsihed Part 1? Start Part 2: Site and File Structure Overview.

Tools used

iOS View Editing with Sherlock by Inspired Code

Working with layouts in Xcode and the simulator has greatly improved over the years, but it is still far less than great. The cycle of edit, run, go back and edit again, run again, get’s old fast.

Sherlock by Inspired Code helps solve some of these annoying problems. This new tool essentially adds new features to the simulator that ships with Xcode. With it, you can edit views in real-time right in the simulator, this short video will show you a few of the ways it can help figure out layout problems in no time at all.

Flawless App Tutorial and Review

Has this ever happened to you? A designer gives you a great looking series of images that you need to convert to a working application, you then spend days tweaking the code or storyboard to get the layout just right. Constantly switching between images and apps.

This is where Flawless App comes in, using just the iOS simulator you can view both your working app and the images from the designer at the same time. Overlaying both to check for pixel perfect layouts.

Let’s take an in-depth look at both the app and the workflows.

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