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This watch tool saved me hours and prevented damage

I adore my watches and know many others who love share a similar passion. But if there is one thing that annoys me and drives me to not wearing them when the battery goes flat, it’s trying to take those backs off and putting them back on.

If you ever tried, you know the pain of trying to push that thing back into place by applying pressure in just the right spot or trying to wedge a knife under the edge to remove it, to begin with, and then scratching that beautiful watch.

Well, no more, the tool at the beginning of this post does it in seconds and only costs $18, well worth it if you consider how much you spent on those watches.

All you need to do is use the tool that comes with the kit to easily pop the back off, change the battery, then place the watch in the device with the right size parts that come in the kit and gently apply pressure.

Then seconds later ... pop, it’s in, done, and you didn’t damage anything in the process.

Best $18 I ever spent, and now I can celebrate by wearing all my gorgeous watches.