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Why I Avoid So Called Leaks For Announcements

In general, I avoid so called leaks from people and Web sites. They are either a total guess, completely wrong, maybe someone does have a source, or intentional from the company in question to generate buzz.

Not forgetting the obvious click bait it would get which is a reason a lot of people do it.

Regardless, for me, they ruin all the fun of announcements. If you know everything ahead of time and it turns out to be true, then life just gets boring very fast.

In an age where we can learn things from around the World in a heartbeat, it takes away some of the excitement and just plain fun of discovery on the day.

Imagine knowing every Christmas present you are going to get ahead of the big day, when it arrives everything is ‘meh’. Now imagine you are a kid again and that’s the way things play out, how quickly would you resent Christmas Day and that special moment of discovery and time spent with the family.

So for those that want to endlessly read the constant stream of product x speculation, enjoy.

For me, I like somethings in life to remain a mystery right up until the official information comes out.